The Inside, simply known as Inside, is a small zone that can be accessed by the players after solving the first riddle in the library-room of The Mansion. Upon entering the room, players will find themselves in a small house environment, similar to the 700k house in Topple Town.

While exploring, players can find the blue button above the fireplace to unlock the Blue Door in The Mansion, the Theatre Key found under the Lost Stone Head, above the iron bars, the green button Door that leads the players to The Plant Room, and the second Plaque that leads into the second riddle-room.

After the players had deciphered the second riddle, they will be taken to the second riddle-room, a wonderful place containing humanoid-sized figurines of the body of Wonald Izzi Jackson. They may also collect the Wonald Izzi Hat found abandoned on the table next to the door. As the players explore the place, they can find an attic and other props/objects pertaining to the history of the Wonald Izzis.

Overall, the Inside is supposedly a 'dark' remnant of history that players should keep in mind as they explore the environment, as it is heavily tied to the existence/purpose of Wonald Izzi as a whole.


  • This area has several strange connections to the 700k house in Topple Town:
    • There is a miniature copy of the bedroom on the second floor of the first room.
    • The kitchen, located on the first floor, has an invisible chest to the right of it that allows the player to access the chest from that house and transfer items from their inventory.
    • The houseplant, also on the first floor, allows the player to teleport back to Topple Town, behind the house.
  • The Inside gives more 'insight' on the lore of Wonald Izzi Jackson and where 'they' supposedly come from.


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