Simply known as the Innkeeper, the Innkeeper is the innkeeper of the Illusionary Inn, also known as The Inn Behind All Those Doors at The Town of Right and Wrong. He is seen sitting on the wooden supports inside the inn that barricades the upper portions of the inn. His dialogues will change depending on the time of day.

Implied by its name, the Innkeeper is literally an innkeeper of a particular inn, in this case, it is the Illusionary Inn. It is unknown what specimen the Innkeeper belongs to, nor if it has an actual name.

List of Dialogues

  • "Ah yes, you may rest here, but only at night. Come back later, would you?"
  • "Looking for a place to stay and rest? For 1,000 gold, travel no further."


  • The Innkeeper is one of three innkeepers that can be found in the Frontier, the others being Old Brick Bob in Topple Town and the Awoken Croc Carl in Farm Fortress, although Carl's role leans towards the 'vendor' role.
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