Fantastic Frontier Roblox Wiki


Ingame options, simply known as the Options Menu, is a feature where players may use it to enhance their experiences, or to make their gameplay be more convenient and simplified. There are four available options that players can adjust and change in the Options Menu, by pressing the letter 'O' on their keyboards. Options such as the First Person Mode are not found in the menu, although can still be manually switched on and off to suit the players' preferred playstyle.

List of Available Options

Name Effects
Bloom Enabled An option used to disable lighting. Very useful if players are unable to see in very bright places, such as Frigid Waste (PvP).
Music Enabled An option to turn on and off music in the background.
Music Volume The adjustment and 'volume-fixing' of audio's volumes.
First Person Mode An option to suit the player's gameplay/playstyle; switching first-person mode/third-person mode.