The Indebted Gnome is one of the many inhabitants that can be found in the open market at Topple Hill. The NPC was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. Based on interactions with the NPC, the Indebted Gnome is a non-interactable vendor that sells Eggplants.

In appearance, the Indebted Gnome wears a brown attire and a pair of purple shorts. The colors of the attire could be interpreted as the colors of the earth and eggplants. Other than that, not much can be said about the gnome's looks.

List of Dialogues

  • "Eggplant? Didn't think so..."
  • "Oh! You want eggplants? I've got plenty! Hundreds!"
  • "Thousands! How many do you want?! How about- Wait where are you going?"
  • "Please, buy my eggplant."
  • "You are wonderful."


  • The Indebted Gnome is one of the few gnomes in the Frontier with a unique title.
  • The Indebted Gnome is holding an eggplant.
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