Hunter Jack is a vendor that runs the shop known as Jack's Hunting Gear located on the Cliff Overlooks section of Topple Town, near Topple Lake. The shop's sign depicts a bear's head with two rifles behind it.

Hunter Jack is well-known for being the vendor that sells beginner ranged-based weapons, such as the Crossbow and the Pellet Gun. His items include but not limited to:

Bronze Dagger
Cobalt Dagger
Crossbow Bolts
Gold Dagger
Iron Dagger
Onyx Dagger
Pellet Gun
Titanium Dagger
Woodland Ranger Hat
Woodland Ranger Torso
Woodland Ranger Legs

Implied by its name, Hunter Jack is a hunter who hunts for particular animals as a sport (hobby).

List of Dialogues

  • "Mark my words, Frester birds are nothing but pests. Questions are for my assistant."


  • Hunter Jack is possibly based on the Red deer (Cervus elaphus).
  • Hunter Jack holds a huge grudge against Frester birds.
  • Hunter Jack is often confused with Gunner Gary as both of these vendors sell ammunition.
  • The name Jack could derive from the animal, Muntjac. A Muntjac is also known as a barking deer or a Mastreani deer; which could be suitable for Hunter Jack's appearance and background.
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