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Housing is a feature that gives players certain benefits. These benefits include the ability to rest and store items in chests. More expensive homes provide more benefits and can include the following:

  • Personal Chefs
  • Furnaces and anvils
  • Fishing Wells
  • Ore Walls
  • Portals
  • Bigger Storage Units

In the Frontier, Realtor Reynold is known as the NPC that allows the players to purchase homes in the Frontier. He can be found throughout the Frontier, making an appearance in the following locations:

In order to purchase a house, the player must talk to Realtor Reynold at any of the locations that he can be found in. From there, they will be provided with a short explanation and inside view of the house before being given a certain purchasing price.

Players also have the ability to invite their friends and other strangers into their homes that they have purchased. To invite people over, the players should interact with the scroll found on the exterior of their homes found next to the entrance. Once interacted, the players can begin to whitelist players currently within the server. They also have the ability to add and remove people from the list if they wish to do so.

Home Teleportation Button


The Home Teleportation Button is a small feature that was introduced during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update. It's a small button that can be found at the center of the players' inventory's pop-up screens. Players can press this button to teleport back to their home. If they do not have a home they will be teleported back to Topple Town. The player can set their spawn point at any home they wish by interacting with the scroll besides their door and clicking 'set spawn'.

The cooldown of the home teleportation button lasts for 15 minutes before it can be used again.

List of Houses

Preview(s) Location(s) Price(s) Description

Outside view

Inside view first floor

Inside view second floor

Topple Town 100,000 Gold "It, like all houses, has a bed for you to rest in and it also comes with 10 storage slots. However, there is one catch with that particular property...Heh, I happen to live there as well, so we would be roommates!"

Outside View

Inside view

The Long Coast 500,000 Gold "Greetings adventurer! Say, how do you fancy the island life? I just so happen to have this fine boathouse here for sale - a perfect home base for island voyages! I'll even include that rowboat there along with the purchase! So are you interested? Recently a sizeable island, Matumada, has drifted quite close to the Frontier. With this here rowboat, you should be able to paddle over real easy. The island is quite exotic and has many things you won't find on the Frontier. The upper portion of the Island serves as a nesting ground for all sorts of birds. The interior is comfy, but modest - including 20 storage slots. All this for a price of only 500,000 gold. What do you think?"

Outside view

Inside view first floor

Inside view first floor

Inside view second floor

Inside view attic

Topple Town 700,000 Gold "This house is a two story with a loft, it features 20 storage slots and of course a bed to rest in."

Outside View

Inside View main floor

Inside View kitchen

Inside View dining room

Inside View bedroom

Inside View chest room

Topple Town 2,500,000 Gold "This castle will have you living like a king with 40 storage slots, a furnace, a bed to rest in, and even your own personal chef!"

Outside view

Inside view basement

Inside view first floor

Inside view second floor

Inside view third floor

Celestial Field 5,000,000 Gold "This tower home is pure elegance, with 60 storage slots, a bed, a smithing station, a drop-portal to Topple Town, a fishing well, and tons of room."

Outside View

Inside View basement

Inside View first floor

Inside View second floor

Inside View third floor

The Quiet Field 5,000,000 Gold "This tower home is pure elegance, with 60 storage slots, a bed, a smithing station, a drop-portal to Town of Right and Wrong, a magic rock wall filled with ore, and tons of room."

Outside View

Inside view 1

Inside view 2

Matumada 15,000,000 Gold "Oh! We meet again! Have you seen the giant orb up there? Haha- Well, it's really a 'home' of sorts. I know it may sound strange, but I'm actually the proprietor of said orb. Might you be interested in making it yours? I've never been inside, not my cup of tea per say- so I can't say for certain what you'll find inside. From what I understand though these things can be quite spacious inside, I'm sure there would be plenty of room to store, say around 80 items? What would something like this cost? Hmm... Oh I'd say an orb such as this one would probably go for about- 15,000,000 Gold? Interested?

List of Benefits Provided By Houses

  • Bed
    • Allows the players to restore their HP to its fullest during the nighttime and perhaps, during the daytime in later updates.
    • Provided by all homes except the Boathouse and Ice Spire.
  • Chef
    • Allows the players to acquire food that they can carry around as they venture in the Frontier.
    • Provided by Topple Castle in Topple Town.
    • Foods mainly include Pies and Breads.
  • Fishing Well
    • Allows the players to acquire fish(es) from the well.
    • Provided by Celestial Field's Tower and Ice Spire.
  • Furnace
    • Allows the players to smith ores into bars, typically with the usage of coal ores.
    • Provided by Topple Castle in Topple Town, Celestial Field's Tower, and The Quiet Field's Tower.
  • Invitations
    • Allows the players to invite people and friends into their very own homes.
    • Provided by all housing.
    • To invite, players should interact with the paper attached to the exteriors of their home, typically found at the door.
  • Ore Wall
    • Allows the players to mine ores that regenerates over a certain course of time.
    • Provided by The Quiet Field's Tower.
    • The ore wall is currently glitched/broken as of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.
      • The ore wall will not regenerate new ores.
  • Portals
    • Allows the players to use it in order to be teleported to different locations, specifically The Town of Right and Wrong or Topple Town.
    • Provided by Celestial Field's Tower, The Quiet Field's Tower, and Ice Spire.
      • Celestial Field's Tower = Portal to Topple Town
      • The Quiet Field's Tower = Portal to The Town of Right and Wrong
      • Ice Spire = Zap Machinery to The Forgotten Lands
  • Smithing Stations
    • Allows the players to perform the profession of crafting; smithing ores into bars, typically with the usage of coal ores and/or smelting bars into ore-based armor sets and perhaps in later updates, tools, and weapons.
    • Comes with an anvil and furnace.
    • Provided by Celestial Field's Tower and The Quiet Field's Tower.
  • Storage Slots
    • Allows the players to store items they wish to keep in order to hold onto them for later or keep them in a safe place where they won't be lost upon the player's deaths.
    • Provided by all homes.
      • 100K Realtor Reynold's Home = 10
      • 500K Boathouse = 20
      • 700K Topple Town House = 20
      • 2.5M Topple Castle = 40
      • 5M Field Towers = 60
      • 15M Ice Spire = 80


  • There is no limit as to many homes can be bought.
  • There are currently 7 different homes that can be bought.
    • It would take a total of 28,800,000 gold to purchase and own all of them.
  • A total of 290 storage slots can be obtained from all homes.