Hoodlum Falls Watermill

The Watermill located at Hoodlum Falls.

Hoodlum Falls is a hostile place that can be unforgiving towards new or inexperienced players that manage to wander into it's grasp. It is located directly south of Topple Town and is adjacent to Petrified Grasslands, Rubble Springs, and The Quiet Field.

The Monsters located in this area are Bandits and Ratdogs. Ghosts can also spawn during night, but do not naturally spawn here.

Many different items spawn here and others are dropped by the two present enemies. You can find Fallichen commonly under trees, Purple Balloon Mushrooms, and Mushtache Mushrooms. The Ratdogs drop Ratdog Tooth and the Bandits drop Darkroot.

Hoodlum Falls Bridge

The Bridge crossing the River. Next to the Watermill above.

The Mushtache Mushrooms are sold for 3,500g, which can be especially helpful to new players.

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