Hoodlum Falls is an autumnal retreat found at the ends of Topple Lake's cascade and streams. It is surrounded by two streams that wanes at both ends of the retreat, and is decorated by several autumnal trees and rocks scattered across the region. It borders three different inland zones, those being Petrified Grassland, Rubble Spring, and The Quiet Field. The Hoodlum Falls borders one major body of water, that being The Far Coast found at the southernmost edge of the zone.


The most distinctive landmark of the Hoodlum Falls is the watermill composing of a three-story building with a working watermill attached to the left. To its right is an elevated bridge platform covered by a green fabric sheet and supported by various wooden beam supports. Entering the building will reveal that the interior have mostly been raided, as evident from flipped tables, broken bottles, and several other junks scattered across the floorboards. At the third floor, adventurers may interact with Arnold Slime, the leader of the bandits and a quest-giver well-known for the rewards he provide to beginners (Pipe Rifle).

The other noticeable feature of Hoodlum Falls is that it is technically within the territories of Rubble Spring, as its streams flows through the secluded retreat into the seas of The Far Coast.


Common birds includes:

Common flora and fungi includes:

Mobs indigenous to the region are:




  • It is the only zone where its trees is perpetually locked into dormancy as its leaves is stuck in the phase of mid-autumn season.
  • It is one of the best regions to find Balloon Mushrooms in.
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