The Honoring Blade is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Nightmare. It can be purchased from the Frog in the Waiting Room at a price of 10,000,000 gold.

In appearance, the Honoring Blade is a fabulous greatsword wrought from gold, wire, and magma. It's impressively hard to describe, so it's best to let the weapon's performance speak for it instead.

As the Honoring Blade is a greatsword, it is quite heavy and attacks slowly, with each swing consuming 4 stamina. Though it is only able to perform one attack per second, each swing is performed in a wide arc making it capable of hitting multiple enemies in an area.

The special ability of the Honoring Blade is titled 'Magma Scorch', which, upon activation, spends 4 stamina and performs a spinning melee attack which hits all enemies around the player. While the spin is performed, a patch of molten lava surfaces at the player's feet, dealing 200 damage per second to enemies standing on it. The lava's damage is not affected by melee bonuses and instead receives 20% of magic bonuses. After 10 seconds have passed, the lava will recede into the ground. The special ability's cooldown lasts for 28 seconds before it can be used again.


  • The original image file's name calls it the Sword of Justice.
  • It is one of the first items to receive a black-purplish hue as its outline upon the arrival of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, the other item being the Circus Watch.
  • Its special ability is nearly identical to the ones that the Democan uses.
  • As of the v1.31 Balance Update, the base damage of the sword is now 550 (previously 440).
  • The Honoring Blade's special has the longest cooldown of any special currently in the game.


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