• Alias: (The) Hand, Nightmare Hand, All-Seeing Hand, Hand of Fate

The Hand of the Nightmare is a headless humanoid-like mob that can be found in the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon, a place of ongoing obstacles and terror deep within the Nightmare.


The Hand of the Nightmare can be described as a headless humanoid with its eyes being located at the center of its torso. The iris of the eye is red and seems to be lodged within several layers enveloping it. It possesses three arms and two legs, and its overall body structure resemble that of a white glove.


There are three attacks that the Hand of the Nightmare may perform. Its default attack being ''Swipes', a close-range attack where the mob will swing its arms at the players. Its second attack is dubbed Combo Strike', where the mob will began to pound its limbs into the player's stomach around 3 to 7 times. This will deal hefty amounts of damage if the player does not distance themselves from it. Its last and unique attack is "Chained", where the mob will spin in a circle, temporarily reducing any nearby players' speed before it attaches a 'spiritual link' to the torso of the nearest player to it. This will slowly drain the player's HP in an attempt to regenerate its health pool for a couple of seconds.


  • If possible, distance yourself away from the Hand(s) of the Nightmare as far as you can. If you are unable to do so, utilize regeneration-based and/or armor with high defense to endure/counteract their special attack effectively.
  • Weapons such as the Salamanders, Frontier Stargun, Frontier Greatsword, Greater Storms Spellbook, and so forth are all effective weapons to quickly eliminate the mob(s).


  • The Hand of the Nightmare is likely inspired by the Japanese yokai, Tenome. This is evident based on the fact that two, inactive Hands of the Nightmare can be seen merged into Circus' skeletal arms.
  • Just like the Circus, its HP will scale depending on the number of players present in a session of Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon.
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