• Alias: Living Scarecrow, Red Scarecrow, Lost Scarecrow, Scarecrow Healer, Supercharged Scarecrow, Guttermouth Scarecrow

The Guttermouth Effigy is described to be living scarecrows with red colorings and 'superhuman' powers that can be seen in the Nightmare, more specifically, The Lost.


There are four attacks that the Guttermouth Effigy can perform:

  • Charge - Charges towards the player's current position as fast as possible, before jabbing or kicking the players.
  • Healing Hand - Heal nearby monsters instead of attacking the players.
  • Jab - Jabs the players as it proceeds to direct itself to the ground in an attempt to stab the players.
  • Kick - Kicks the players with its legs.


It is advised for players to use their surroundings to their advantage, especially when it begins to attack and charge towards the player's current position. Players are also advised to focus all of their attacks toward the mob, as its healing ability can be a huge factor for the players' downfalls.


  • The Guttermouth Effigy is simply a Scarecrow reskin.
  • The Guttermouth Effigy is perhaps one of the most annoying mobs to deal with in the Nightmare.
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