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The Gunfists are one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Nightmare. It can be purchased at a price of 8,000,000 gold from the Green Golem or MANAGER SUPREME.


In appearance, the Gunfists are a pair of gun-fists consisting of gatling guns with ammunition and shotguns strapped together. It uses Bullets as its main ammunition.

When used in the basic Shotgun Mode, the Gunfists are alternatively thrust forward in punching motions before firing short-ranged blasts at a slow but reasonable speed (faster than that of the guns sold by Gunner Gary), consuming 2.9 stamina points per shot. The shotgun blast targets a wide area in front of the player which can hit multiple targets. These blasts will only hit targets directly in front of the player, and they cannot be aimed up or down.

The special ability of the Gunfists is titled 'Gatling Mode', which, upon activation, will bring the player's arms up then back down, and change the weapon into Gatling Mode. While the weapons are in Gatling Mode, the gatling guns begin to rotate making a constant whirring sound. They can fire bullets at a much faster rate, dealing half the damage and using up ammo far faster in exchange for being able to hit single targets at long range. Each shot in this mode consumes 1.8 stamina points.

Re-equipping the weapon will result in it returning to Shotgun mode. Its cooldown lasts for 3 seconds before it can be used again.


  • Holding down the left mouse button will not result in Gatling Mode firing automatically, and one is unable to zoom using the right mouse button.
  • The Gunfists are easily comparable to the Frontier Stargun, which does more damage than Gatling Mode, though the Gunfists make up for it with a much more powerful and efficient short-range attack.
  • Gunfists are an excellent candidate for usage in the Otherworld Tower, due to their impressive versatility.
  • With prestine conditions or a vip server and highspeed internet, gunfists could fire roughly the same speed of a stargun in gatling mode.