Template:Monster InfoBoxGumbos are fast, small moving creatures and can be considered to be in medium tier. Gumbos can be located at The Pits during night. With Jump Boots, you can easily run away from Gumbo, leaving only low and some medium tier players at risk. If it becomes day, Gumbo will still stay and not despawn. You don't have to go that far for Gumbo to lose focus of you.

Attack Patterns

Gumbo has two attacks and his freeze/ time delay is about 1-2 seconds before he attacks again.

  1. Gumbo leaps from his position to you (occurs at medium to far range).
  2. Gumbo throws lots of punches (occurs when you are very close).


Get very close until he does his attack where Gumbo throws lots of punches, back off and attack from range (punching animation is long). Also, you can go far enough back where Gumbo jumps towards you then attack in his freeze frames, then repeat. Gumbo usually won't kill you if you have a decent amount of defense so don't fear in getting one-shotted.


Gumbo will always drop this on defeat:

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