Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Gumbo are hostile mobs that can be found in the Frontier. They are usually seen at The Pits, during the nighttime. They are also have been sighted at The Forgotten Lands. These mobs are perhaps one of the more creepy mobs that could frighten some players due to its appearance.

In appearance, it possesses a large set of jaws with healthy teeth, but yellow gums. It has a red, long nose that sticks out above its mouth, as well as brown and black eyes that may be confused as its secondary mouth. Its fists are like boxing gloves, but its legs are frail and skinny. It has a noticeable feature above its head that may be confused for Gumbo's eyes.

There are two known attacks that the Gumbo will unleash upon the players. The first known attack is where it leaps towards the player from its position, in an attempt to smash the player. The second known attack is where the Gumbo punches the player for a long period of time and can only occur if the player is very close.

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