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== Summary ==
== Summary ==
{{Monster_Infobox_V2|title1 = Gumbo|image1 = Gumbo Card Image.png|location(s) = Ancient Forest
{{Monster_Infobox_V2|title1 = Gumbo|image1 = Gumbo Card Image.png|location(s) = A Frontier of Dragons
Ancient Forest
Blackrock Mountain
Blackrock Mountain

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  • Alias: Gumbo

The Gumbo is a hostile humanoid figure that is described to have pink skin, a horrifying face, stiffy legs, bulky arms, and wears a pair of gray shorts. They are typically native to the areas of The Pits, but can also appear in other locations of the Frontier.

It also makes an appearance on the 19th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Mr. Gumbo's Office, serving as main obstacles as the player progresses through the dungeon.


There are three attacks that the Gumbo can perform:

  • Leap - Leaps towards the player's current position in an attempt to stomp on them.
  • Punch - Punches the players with its fists at a quick and rapid pace.
  • Thrust - Thrust their limbs in front of itself.


  • It has other variants that can be found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon and sometimes, the Frontier. Examples include Esteemed Gumbo and Totality Jack.
  • It is one of the many annoyances that players can encounter as they venture in The Pits.
  • It was originally intended to despawn during the daytime. After the introduction of the Otherworld Update, it is assumed that it cannot despawn during the daytime, making it easier for players to find it.
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