• Alias: Guardian Snibber

The Guardian Snibbers are snibbers that are exclusively found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon. Unlike the Dark Snibber, the Guardian Snibber's apparent purpose is to protect the Otherworld Tower from intruders. There are two variations of the Guardian Snibber, a green variant, and a brown variant.

The green variant appears on the 27th floor of the Otherworld Tower, No More Cellery, serving as the main obstacle as the players progress through the dungeon. The brown variant appears on the 41st floor of the Otherworld Tower, Soup, where the players will have to defeat many different kinds of monsters on a small platform.


There are three attacks that either Guardian Snibbers can perform:

  • Overhead Swing - Swings its weapon over its head in order to attack the players.
  • Side Slash - Swings its weapon in an attempt to slash the player.
  • Poke - Pokes the players.


  • One of the main strategies to defeat the Guardian Snibber is by luring it off the platform (if it is possible to do so) with the usage of Mushroom Parasol and/or Wings. If the players are unable to lure the Snibbers off the platform due to a barrier, the players are simply advised to dodge its attacks.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It shares similar resemblances to that of a Dark Snibber.
  • The Guardian Snibber that appears on both the 27th floor and the 41st floor is actually the same mob. The lighting differences between the two floors result in the different appearances of the 'two' Snibbers.
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