The Grey Rabbit is one of the many monster drops that can be acquired in the Frontier. They are typically acquired as a possible drop from the Grey Rabbits, passive critters that are often found in Farm Fortress and Great Pine Forest.


As its description implies, the Grey Rabbit Pelt is a torn pelt from a wild grey rabbit. Pink, raw flesh can be seen behind the pelt as if it were skinned in a rush. Other than that, not much can be said about its overall looks.

The Grey Rabbit Pelt can be used during the Farm Fortress Defense Quest, as the players collect and acquire Grey Rabbit Pelts to satisfy the objective handed out by the Yellow Farmer in Farm Fortress. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 400 gold.


  • The Grey Rabbit Pelt was considered a 'hard' monster drop to get before the Otherworld Update.
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