Greenhorn Grove is a relatively quiet woodland forest home to many beasts and humanoid-like creatures that inhabits the area. Most of the flora that can be found here are not as big and lush when compared with The Deep Forest, as the grove appears to experience little undergrowth. In addition, many small ditches and dens are carved into the grounds, littered by fallen trees, shrubs, vines, and mushrooms that covers the surfaces.

It is part of The Deep Forest and spans half of Topple Hill's hillsides. It encompasses Red Ant Cove, a zone hidden deep within the forests, and partially borders Farm Fortress, Rubble Spring, The Quiet Field, and Twinkling Meadow at various points.


There are three noteworthy features found within Greenhorn Grove's territories. A mining reservation can be found along the path that descends from Topple Hill to the Twinkling Meadow, hosting various ores that can be mined by passerby. Relatively close to it is an odd, looming pillar of dirt. Collectus can be found at the very top and the point of access can be found in Rubble Spring by jumping into a suspicious hole marked by a skull sign.

Lastly, obscured from the rest of Greenhorn Grove, is a cavern dubbed 'Greenhorn Cavern'. This cavern can be seen along Topple Hill that the grove encompasses partially as the player proceeds south from Topple Town. The cavern does not hold any importance and merely serves as a small hub for Glow Mushrooms, Little Ants, and various ores that may spawn in it.


Common flora and fungi includes:

Common birds includes:

Mobs indigenous to the region are:




  • Greenhorn Grove could derive from the meaning of 'inexperienced grove', referencing the fact that Greenhorn Grove is one of the first places that a beginner player will explore.
  • During Roblox Egg Hunt 2019, the Greenhorn Grove was the 'host place' where the event took place, as the Egg Snatcher can only be found here.
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