• Alias: Green Pirate

The Green Pirate is nearly identical to that of the Pirates of the Frontier, except that it wears a green attire and wields a golden scimitar. It makes its appearance on the 26th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Criminal Alliance, serving as main obstacles on the floor as the players progress through the dungeon.


There are three attacks the Green Pirate can perform:

  • Charge - Charges towards the player and then quickly jump towards the player, in an attempt to hit the player with its scimitar in the process.
  • Slash - Attempts to slash the player in a vertical manner.
  • Swing - Swings its scimitar at the players.


The players simply just have to dodge its attacks. Jump-boosting and/or flight equipment will benefit the players. Mushroom Parasol can also be used to assist the players and weapons that can clear out multiple enemies also come in handy while fighting against this particular mob.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It is remarkably tankier than the other three variants of the Pirates.
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