Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Green Pirate is one of the many elite mobs that can be found in the Frontier. The Green Pirate can be seen as another 'variant' of the pre-existing pirates found in the Frontier, which are the Blue Pirate, Yellow Pirate, and Red Pirate. The Green Pirate is considered to be tougher than the other three variants of the pirates and poses a threat to beginner and intermediate players. The Green Pirate is also noted to be found on the floor known as "Criminal Alliance."

In appearance, the Green Pirate is nearly identical to the other variants of the pirates, except that it wears a green-striped attire. It also wields a gold scimitar to alert the players that it is tougher than the other three pirates due to how the Gold Scimitar deals more damage than that of a Titanium Scimitar.

The Green Pirate share identical attacks of the other three pirates and can range from slashing the players to swiping their scimitar while leaping towards the player.

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