The Green Pirate, one of the many elite mobs that can be found in the Frontier, is introduced into the Frontier during the Otherworld Update. The Green Pirate can be found in the Otherworld Tower, a 50-floor dungeon where a maximum of 4 players can venture through and slay the enemies that lurk in the dungeon. This particular mob can be found on the 26th floor, Criminal Alliance, where four Bandits, two Green Pirates, and one of each variant of the normal pirates are summoned into the battlefield.

Unlike the other variants of the pirates, which are the Blue Pirate, Red Pirate, and Yellow Pirate, the Green Pirate is normally seen to be tougher and can inflict large amounts of damage onto the players. This can be noted by the Green Pirate's weapon, the Gold Scimitar, which is notably known to inflict more damage than that of the Titanium Scimitar that the other 'normal' pirates wield while roaming in the Frontier, as well as in the dungeon.

In appearance, the Green Pirate is nearly identical to other variants of the pirates, sharing the same style of attire worn by pirates in the Frontier, as well as wielding a type of scimitar. The main differences between the Green Pirate and the other three variants of the pirates are that the Green Pirate, as implied by its name, wears a green attire. Instead of wielding a Titanium Scimitar, the Green Pirate wields the Gold Scimitar to signify that it is tough to slay.

The Green Pirate share identical attacks of the other three pirates and can range from:

  • Leaping towards the player before slashing the player with its scimitar
  • Swings its scimitar in a vertical manner towards the player
  • Swings its scimitar in a horizontal manner towards the player
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