The Green-Black Jacket is a standalone armor piece that can be acquired in the Nightmare. It is one of the few armor pieces that is classified as a torso piece. It can be obtained through multiple means that include the following:

  • A possible drop from the Red Wolf.
  • A possible reward from the Guttermouth Cells.

Despite what the name implies, it is a not-so-green black jacket with clear indications of being torn and ragged by outside forces. It is large and thick enough to cover the player's body and arms, and it has what appears to be a solitary pocket on the upper left part of the jacket.

When equipped, the Green-Black Jacket will provide 22 armor points, increasing the player's protection from attacks. Other than that, there are no benefits to the player, aside from vanity.


  • During development, it was dubbed as the Black Sweater before it received its official name.


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