The Grateful Frog is one of the many harvestables that can be obtained in the Frontier. They are considered to be one of the most sought-after harvestables by most parts of the community as it is an item of importance used to complete the Frog Quest, in exchange with rare collectibles

Grateful Frogs are usually found hanging underneath terrains, objects, trees, and props that are found across the lands of the Frontier. They are found in various locations of the Frontier that includes but not limited to:

Despite its rare spawn-points and occurrences, the Grateful Frog can be obtained as a rare drop from the Purple Ogres, Ogres, and Red Ogres of the Frontier.


The Grateful Frog is a green frog humanoid-like figure trapped in an iron cage. Above the cage is a hook where the cage is hooked and/or attached on an object, terrain, and/or props located in the Frontier.

It is possible for players to exchange Grateful Frog for gold during Slayer's Tasks if the task card is currently active. Players can also exchange 5 Grateful Frogs for rare collectibles during the Frog Quest. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 100,000 gold.

List of Locations

These are the known locations of the Grateful Frog. The locations of the Grateful Frogs varies and not all known spawns are known to the public.

Location(s) Details
A Frontier of Dragons
RobloxScreenShot20170801 142846802.png
Underneath the trees near Celestial Peak.
RobloxScreenShot20170731 162244062.png
Underneath the trees near Celestial Peak, except it is in a different position.
Underneath the trees near the Castle Ruins.
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.23.36 AM.png
Underneath the trees near Celestial Peak, the one with the leaf icon on top of it.
Ancient Forest
RobloxScreenShot20170806 215012578.png
Underneath the cliff hangar near Topple lake.
RobloxScreenShot20170803 214759190.png
Underneath a tall tree located near Topple Lake.
RobloxScreenShot20170802 221857042.png
Under the Ancient Forest/Castle Bridge located further away from the Clamstack Cave.
Grateful Frog-AncientForestLedge.png
Under a small rock ledge near Captain Finnegan's airship.
New spot the too.png
Under one of the separate portions of the Ancient Forest bridge.
Blackrock Mountain
Underneath the ledges located near the peak of Blackrock Mountain.
RobloxScreenShot20180220 185753797.png
Underneath the ledge of Amy Thistlewitch's Enchanted Jewels shop.
Underneath the cliff's edge at the peak of Blackrock Mountain.
Blue Ogre Camp
RobloxScreenShot20180427 081024645.png
Underneath the bridge connecting the camp and arena together.
Grateful frog under airship in Blue Ogre Camp.png
Underneath Captain Finnegan's airship
Underneath the stairways connecting the camp with the mainland.
Frigid Waste (PvP)
RobloxScreenShot20170806 180406847.png
Underneath the arches of Frigid Waste.
Grateful frog at Frigid Waste's edge.png
Underneath the cliff edge where the Ancient Onyx Knight wanders in.
Greenhorn Grove
RobloxScreenShot20180523 164639569.png
Underneath the pillar of terrain where Collectus resides.
Underneath the trees of Greenhorn Grove.
Pit Depths
Underneath the terrains, typically near the grounds of the Golem's domains.
Underneath the 'drops' or gaps leading to the Magma Depths.
RobloxScreenShot20180213 202906735.png
Underneath the 'drops' or gaps leading to the Magma Depths, except in a slightly different position.
RobloxScreenShot20170806 201217730.png
Underneath the rock ledge located in a magma chamber within the lair of the Magma Brain.
RobloxScreenShot20180416 170844282-0.png
Underneath the terrain ceilings of the Magma Depths.
Grateful frog near magma brain.png
Underneath the entrance to one of the chambers of the Magma Depths.
Under a ledge in a safe spot in magma brain lair.png
Underneath the ledge in the chamber of the Magma Depths.
Grateful frog hanging from another position in a chamber in Magma brain's lair.png
Underneath the ceiling in the chamber near the Magma Brain.
The Deep Forest
Grateful Frog-TheDeepForestRockPillar.png
Underneath a tree near the stack of rocks.
Grateful Frog-0.png
Underneath a branch of a tree near the stack of rocks.
The Long Coast
RobloxScreenShot20170730 213335920.png
Underneath a white tree near The Long Coast.
The Maze Wood
Grateful Frog-TheMazeWoodCoastalTrees.png
Underneath the trees closest to the coastlines.
RobloxScreenShot20170810 092750620.png
Underneath the trees closest to the ridges/rims of The Pits.
The Pits
Grateful Frog-ThePitsTreeOne.png
Underneath a green tree near Celestial Peak.
Grateful Frog-ThePitsTreeTwo.png
Underneath a tree near the ridges/rims of The Pits, somewhat in the middle of A Frontier of Dragons.
Underneath a tree near the ridges/rims of The Pits, somewhat in the middle of A Frontier of Dragons. (in a different position)
Frog Gazing Eye.png
Underneath the surfaces' edges.
RobloxScreenShot20191225 145254955.png
Hanging from a ledge near The Pits: Gazing Eye.
RobloxScreenShot20200128 152942648.png
Hanging in a slight depression near the Gazing Eye.
The Quiet Field
RobloxScreenShot20180722 122815706.png
Underneath the cliff edge near the purchasable tower home.
The Town of Right and Wrong
RobloxScreenShot20170801 202314324.png
Underneath the red-windowed tower.
RobloxScreenShot20170731 142831611.png
Underneath the accessible castle tower's walls
Topple Hill
Grateful Frog-ToppleHillBridge.png
Located under the wooden platform hovering over the cave opening.
Topple Town
RobloxScreenShot20170803 194528042.png
Underneath the balcony of the Gnomes' home.
RobloxScreenShot20180205 104749060.png
Underneath the tree near the graveyard.
Grateful Frog-ToppleTownMiningShop.png
Underneath the tree near Benny Oreman's shop.
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 6.34.12 PM.png
Inside of a tree, pointing to the river.

Video Footage(s)


Fantastic Frontier How to Farm Grateful Frogs

If you prefer video footages to understand and know where these Grateful Frogs tend to be found at, click or press this video to start watching discord user ExtremeNinja777's (fantastic) video about how to farm Grateful Frogs. This video is explained well to allow beginner players to understand and for the dedicated, experienced players to keep in mind.


If you prefer to view a map to see all of the known spawns of a Grateful Frog, click on the map below to see it in full view. Thanks to 1rubberducky2 for doing this out of courtesy~!


  • It is typically recommended for players to acquire a Spider Stilts, Jump Boots, Mushroom Parasol, Wings, and/or Minion to acquire the Grateful Frog as most of its spawn-points are considered to be impossible to acquire without proper equipment.
  • The Grateful Frog is often collected to be used as a way to exchange rewards with the Blue Frog during the Frog Quest.
  • The Grateful Frog is not to be confused with the Blue Frog as both of these NPCs is trapped in a cage and appears to be the same specimens.
  • Rather than seeing [E] Harvest, the player will see [E] Rescue, as implied by its description where the Grateful Frog is "saved" by the players until eventually they are sold to a selling vendor or turned in to the Blue Frog.
  • According to the developers, the Blue Frog buys the freedom of the Grateful Frogs.
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