• Alias: Hired Goon, Hostile Goon

The Goons are a group of humanoid thugs that can be seen throughout the Nightmare. They are commonly found hanging out in The Grand Hall, Meeting Place, and Maze of the Root, although it is possible to encounter the Goons in other places of the Nightmare.


There is only one known attack that the Goons can perform:

  • Punch - Attempts to punch the players.


A strategy to take out a small group of Goons is by using ranged and/or magic weapons that can efficiently inflict damage to multiple opponents, such as the Gnome Rocket Launcher and/or Greater Storms Spellbook.

Players can also lure the Goons into props, furniture, and objects in an attempt to get them stuck or to delay their movements.


  • The Goons are based off on the three goons seen in the Frontier.
  • The Goons are possibly hired by the antagonist of the Nightmare to keep the players at bay.
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