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Goons are hostile thugs and delinquents found in both the Frontier and the Nightmare, however, hostile counterparts are only found within the Nightmare.

In the Nightmare, Goons are notably found in three different hubs, those being Maze of the Root, Meeting Place, and The Grand Hall, with Meeting Place being its primary base of operations. Goons can also be found in other areas of the Nightmare as well outside of the three main locations, such as The Ballroom and The Old Mansion.

Goons can come in several variations, either seen wearing a green, orange, or black attire. All goons shares the same attire, comprised of a black balaclava with the head being covered by a green, flat cap on top, a black shirt enveloped with a light jacket of the goon's respective colors, black, leathery gloves, a pair of brown trousers, and black shoes.

A hostile, light-green variation of the Goon also exists in Fantastic Frontier, however, this variant only appears once and will not reappear again. The light-green variation only makes its appearance if an adventurer is entering the Meeting Place for the first time, where a cutscene will play that will initiate a fight with several Bandits regardless of what decisions the adventurer made.


Goons cannot attack the player any other ways besides punching them if the player is within close proximity. It will continue to use this ability over and over again (with an estimated cooldown of 2-3 seconds in-between attacks) until it is slain by the player.


A common strategy players do in Fantastic Frontier is gathering a large group of monsters to a fixed point (In this case, Goons are gathered to an area where they cannot reach the players like the box in Meeting Place, the statue of The Grand Hall, etc.) and then wipe them out efficiently by utilizing weapons capable of inflicting damage on multiple opponents (Area-of-Effect). Two examples of weapons capable of accomplishing this task is the Gnome Rocket Launcher and the Greater Storms Spellbook.

Drop Rates

What makes the Goons unique from most 'monsters' in Fantastic Frontier is that all four variations (light green, green, orange, and black) does not share the same reward table. Each yields an additional or one less reward that the others does not have. Drop rate percentages shown in this section is accurate to the drop tables provided by the main developer, Spectrabox. Any remarks of the Goons being able to drop other collectibles outside of the confirmed drop table will be labelled as false information.


Both the black and orange variation of the Goons share the same reward table. What's different in the reward table compared to the other two variants (light-green and green) is that it is possible to acquire a Guttermouth Key from these two variants.


The difference held by the green variation when comparing it to the other three variants' reward table is that it cannot drop the Guttermouth Key nor can it drop the Lasting Flower. This variation is considered the 'default' reward table, with the other two reward tables (listed above and below) being slightly altered from the original.

Light Green

The difference held by the light green variation in comparison to the other three variants is that the percentages of obtaining the 'common' consumables of the Nightmare is drastically lower, and a guaranteed reward of acquiring the Lasting Flower, a miscellaneous item that the other three variants lack.



  • The Goon is the first mob in Fantastic Frontier's history to be able to speak with the players briefly before the fight is initiated.
  • The light-green variation is named 'Yellow Goon' in the game assets, despite not being yellow.
  • A corrupted, large model of a Goon can be found in the Meeting Place.
  • It is not to be confused with the NPC version of the Goons, found in specific spots throughout the Frontier.