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  • Alias: Gorilla Baron, Baron Jockey, Golem Rider

The Golem Baron are two creatures working together to fight against their opponents (the players). They are rarely found in The Nightmare, although several players had reported they can be found in specific places, such as The Grand Hall and The Old Mansion.

The golem appears to be riding on top of the odd monkey-like creature guides the 'brute' towards the players while the monkey-like creature is the one carrying out the golem's orders. In actuality, the golem is the body itself, made out of stones and hardened mud. The 'mind-controller' is the creature at the very top of the golem's head, with a terrifying face that replaces its lower body.


There are three known attacks that the Golem Baron can perform:

  • Chair Slam - Charges and jumps towards the player, slamming the chair into the ground in an attempt to bash their head. The earthquake caused by the slam deals damage in a large area, making it difficult to avoid.
  • Chair Swing - Swings or stabs its chair in various ways in an attempt to hit the players with it.
  • Shoulder Gunshot - The golem riding on the creature will use their Hunting Rifle and fire a bullet directed at the players, inflicting moderate damage onto them.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Golem Baron. Any claims of "missing items" that the Golem Baron could drop will be cast aside as false information.


All hits should be directed to the creature that the golem rides on, instead of the golem that rides on the creature. Otherwise, any hits directed at the golem will not hurt the creatures. Players should also use their environment to their advantage, luring the creatures into props, objects, and/or walls. From there, players can simply attack the creatures from afar with the usage of long-ranged melee weapons, ranged weapons, and/or magic weapons.

Weapons that can inflict damage on a widescale radius (AoE) are highly advised to be used. An example of this would be the special ability of the Frontier Spellbook, the Frontier Stargun, the Frontier Greatsword, Blade of The Throne, and so forth.


  • It is one of the few mobs in Fantastic Frontier where two creatures are considered as one single mob. Another example of this is the Otherworldly Batrider.
  • The Golem Baron has a tendency to collect and drop flowers.