• Alias: Goblin Munsk, "Goblin Freak", Masked Munsklin

The Goblin Munsk is nearly identical to that of the Munsk, except that it can be described as 'goblin-sized' and appears to be tainted as if it were polluted by something. It makes an appearance on the 34th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Goblin Freakshow, serving as main obstacles on the floor as the players progress through the dungeon.


There are two attacks the Goblin Munsk can perform:

  • Acid Bite - Extends it neck to loom above the player's head, spitting acid and and biting the player's head at the same time. The acid spit deals large damage in a small area, while the bite damages on contact.
  • Stomp - Attempts to stomp on the players with its limbs while making a small charge towards the player's current position. Each limb deals damage individually, meaning the player can be hit twice. After using this attack, the it will go forward senselessly for approximately 2-3 seconds.


One strategy is to dodge it with the usage of the Mushroom Parasol, flight equipment, and/or jump-boosting equipment to dodge most of its attacks. Another strategy includes triggering the Goblin Munsk's attacks before proceeding to run away and then attack the player after its cooldown starts.

When there is only one Goblin Munsk remaining, using the 'Head Baiter' strategy is effective as well, as standing directly on top of them will cause them to stop moving or attacking.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • Despite its goblin-sized stature, it is capable of using its strength to inflict large amounts of damage towards the players.
  • Unlike the other variants of the Munsks, it cannot be found in the Frontier as of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.
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