The Gnome Rocket Launcher is a weapon that can be obtained from the Entrepreneurial Gnome for 50,000,000 gold. As soon as the players purchase the Gnome Rocket Launcher for the first time, 100 free Gnome Rockets will come along with it. The Gnome Rocket Launcher can only take Gnome Rocket as its only ammunition.

In appearance, the Gnome Rocket Launcher appears to be made of various metals and materials used to engineer the rocket launcher. A Gnome Rocket can be seen in the decal's appearance, as well as a scope-like ornamentation seen on the left side of the rocket launcher.

The Gnome Rocket Launcher is capable of dealing 720 damage points, easily killing most mobs in the Frontier and efficiently eliminating a lot of time while killing stronger and tanky mobs, such as the Red Croc Man or the Kingrat. For every rocket that is launched, it will consume around 1-2 stamina points before another rocket can be launched at the opponents.

One special characteristic of the Gnome Rocket Launcher is that if the player aims at their feet and direct the Gnome Rocket towards their feet, they can perform a rocket jump which will propel the players into the air. This can greatly benefit the players if they have a Mushroom Parasol and/or a Minion if they are in danger.


This weapon is absolutely incredible. High damage, big explosions, and no damage bonuses. This means everybody should use this weapon as soon as they can buy it.

There is no special ability but the left click releases a rocket that flies at very high speeds exploding on impact to damage all enemies near the blast radius. This attack is incredibly deadly given the Rocket Launcher's high rate of fire meaning you can shoot a massive salvo of rockets to unleash heavy damage.

Everybody should purchase this weapon regardless of their class. It is a fantastic addition to all arsenals since it takes no damage bonuses. All classes can use this weapon on an even level when compared to all other classes. This insane accessibility combined with its extraordinary performance means that the Gnome Rocket Launcher is at home and dominant in any and all arsenals. Buy this as soon as you can.


  • Since the DPS of the weapon is one of the highest out of most weapons in-game, the players can use any armor sets and will still have a very modest damage output.
  • This is the only weapon in the game that cannot receive any damage boosts.
  • This weapon is affected by ammo return, making the Front Bullet Pack incredibly powerful when used with the rocket.
  • The Gnome Rocket Launcher can be used to launch continuous rockets in rapid succession, similar to the rapid fire-rate of a Frontier Stargun and/or the Gunfists.
  • If paired with the Drillbit Set and the Front Bullet Pack, a player would be able to fire an infinite amount of rockets without spending a single one, allowing for cost efficiency.
    • The entire Drillbit Set costs 75,000,000 gold, though, and has greatly reduced stamina compared to the Forgotten Life Set, causing most players to recommend tolerating the cost of rockets.


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