The Gnome Magic School is one of the major portions that belong to the sanctuary of Topple Town. It is currently the home of the gnomes that inhabit the sanctuary. A concealed location, yet widely known among the community, the Gnome Magic School is a place where players can purchase their very own magic weapons for the first time, specifically the Firesoul Spellbook and/or the Darktoad Spellbook depending on what the player had chosen.

There are four landmarks of importance that is worth noting:

  1. Gnomes' Home - The Gnomes' Home is described as a large red and yellow building found hanging off the walls of the Gnome Magic School, as if it were designed to be a cliffside home. This building is seen as insignificant as it currently stands as a place where Gnomes lives in.
  2. Flashy Gnome Merchant's Building - The building owned by Flashy Gnome Merchant is currently inaccessible. The vendor can be found outside of the building, selling various items that the players can use in their adventures.
  3. Gnome Wizard Master's Stand - The stand can be found in the paved concrete-like area found near the gates of the Gnome Magic School. This area is specifically "claimed" by the Gnome Wizard Master, a merchant that sells cheap magic weapons and sets that players can use as they venture throughout the Frontier.
  4. Toad Tom's Cafeteria - Toad Tom's Cafeteria is an area that can be seen near the Gnomes' Home. This place is reserved by the cook known as Big Eyed Toad Tom, a vendor that sells soup that players can use and consume as they explore the Frontier.

Overall, the Gnome Magic School is rarely visited by players, with the exception of them visiting the area for the following reasons that include but not limited to:

  • Purchasing weapons/armor sets/equipment
  • Camping at various spots for Rat Boy/Golden Spore Mole
  • Participating in the chain of quests (Arnold Slime Quest)
  • Searching for Otherworld Presents and/or traveling shopkeepers.


  • Players can inspect the telescope near the Gnomes' Home to view The Town of Right and Wrong from afar.
  • An objective from the Arnold Slime Quest requires the players to find Bandit Jack, an NPC that can be found on the walls bordering the gates of the Gnome Magic School, obscured from others.
  • The zone is one of the various places where a Ratboy commonly spawns in.
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