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The Gnome Magic School is an enclosed section found within the sanctuary of Topple Town. It is the home of the gnomes, and is a center of learning sorcery (magic). Adventurers interested in practicing magic come here in order to acquire their first spellbooks and/or mage-oriented sets, such as the Firesoul Spellbook and the Red Wizard Set.


There are five notable features worth noting upon entering Gnome Magic School. The first noteworthy feature being its entrance. It is a large, ornate, red gate supported by looming towers that overlooks the shopping district. The home of where most Gnomes resides in is located at a large, red-and-yellow cliffside building off the sides of the walls. A telescope outside of the building can be interacted with by the players, allowing the players to take a quick glance at The Town of Right and Wrong, however, the telescope seems to be facing the wrong direction. An outdoors cafeteria can also be seen, currently operated by Big Eyed Toad Tom, a vendor who sells their main specialty, Toad Tom's Soup.

Besides the cafeteria is the stand where Gnome Wizard Master is, a vendor who sells magic spellbooks and mage-oriented armor sets for those who are interested in it. Another building located within the walls belongs to the Flashy Gnome Merchant, a female gnome that sells enchanted equipment from the gnomic lands, most notably being the Mushroom Parasol.


Birds that can be found in the Gnome Magic School include just the Frester, and the Looter's Bird.


The only two mobs found within the walls of Gnome Magic School are Golden Spore Mole, and Ratboy.


Gnome Magic School has a large number of NPCs including Angry Gnome, Bandit Jack, Big Eyed Toad Tom, Entrepreneurial Gnome, Flashy Gnome Merchant, Gnomes, Gnome Leader, Gnome Wizard Master, Linkman the Junkman, and lastly Stick.


While the zone does not experience a lot of ongoing activity, players may occasionally visit the zone for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Searching for Grateful Frogs that may be hanging underneath the cliffside building and/or trees.
  • Searching for Otherworld Presents that spawns in various spots within the Gnome Magic School.
  • AFKing and awaiting the appearances of Ratboy and/or Golden Spore Mole to acquire exclusive collectibles dropped from the mobs.

The arrival of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update also introduces a new vendor, the Entrepreneurial Gnome, who can be found on the walls overlooking the hill outside of Topple Town. The vendor sells an overpowered, yet very expensive weapon called the Gnome Rocket Launcher. Players may also come to the magic school in search for Bandit Jack (as part of the Arnold Slime Quest), who can be found 'hiding' on a tower next to the gate.




  • The Gnome Magic School serves as a good hotspot for players trying to acquire the Ratboy Secrets, as the Ratboy are often notably reported to be seen near its walls.