Referred as the Gnomes, they are a group of NPCs that can be found in the Gnome Magic School, located at Topple Town. Some gnomes can be found in other locations of the Frontier, such as Red Ogre Inn and The Deli.

List of Dialogues


  • "Careful not to fall in that hole behind this barrier! It drops right into the kitchen."
  • "Always cozy next to the fire."
  • "Sometimes, I go up to the balcony and just look at the town outside."


  • "The food here is sublime! If you want some, go talk to the chef in the kitchens. He's on the bottom floor."
  • "These chairs are a little big for me, so I prefer to eat standing up. There's nothing wrong with that."
  • "A wonderful place, this Red Ogre Inn."


  • "The secrets of this Frontier are immense! I learn new things, every day! Every day!"
  • "I'm an original gnome, One of the first, I'd say."
  • "I enjoy standing next to the bushes."


  • "My life will be ruined when people found out I spilled, not only one bowl of soup but two bowls of soup."
  • "I only need a moment. A moment before I face the consequences."


  • "This table is a little big, but I'm used to a large eating surface. I'm not eating right now, but if I was, I'd probably bring my meal up to this spot."
  • "You can go inside, but there's not much in there!"


  • "These booths are so comfy."
  • "I don't like to sit around and wait - no sir I don't."
  • "I always chose the shorter wait when they let me. I mean what is the point of sitting around and waiting longer? I want to eat!"


  • The Carrot Gnome is also known as the 'Gnome', however, it is unique from the others as it is an easter egg worth noting.
  • Most of the Gnomes live inside the Gnomes' Home located in Gnome Magic School at Topple Town.
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