The Gift Tree Seed is one of eight seeds that adventurers can obtain and cultivate in the Frontier. Gift Tree Seeds are typically purchased from Mr. Sims in Topple Hill, being sold at a price range of 1,900,000 gold and 2,100,000 gold. Other viable sources that an adventurer can acquire a Gift Tree Seed from include the following:


The Gift Tree Seed resembles that of an acorn. It possesses an array of colors (red, blue, and green), a recurring color theme seen throughout the Frontier, and a greenish-brown cap that holds the seed together.


An adventurer can cultivate a Gift Tree by planting them into a garden plot (preferably in Topple Hill) as long as the seed is in their inventory. The seed will take 3 real-life days to grow (72 hours) before it is fully grown. Once it reaches the final stage, the player can harvest Gift Fruits, usable products that will yield a randomized reward, or sold to a selling vendor due to its high sell value. The player will also see a replica of the Gift Tree outside of The Plant Room's entrance, as it is needed to unlock the door.

Besides that, the players also have the option to sell the Gift Tree Seed to a selling vendor at a sell price of 700,000 gold.


  • It is one of the most expensive seeds sold in Fantastic Frontier, followed by the Noble Blue Seed.
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