The Gift Fruit is the end-product of the Gift Tree, a crop that can be grown and cultivated by the players while performing gardening-related activities in the Frontier. Other methods of acquiring the fruit includes:


In appearance, the Gift Fruit resembles similar to that of a large apple, however, the fruit closely resembles a festive present with its bright patterns. It is mostly light-green with its red and blue 'wrappers' securing the fruit and the materials inside of it.

The Gift Fruit can be opened by the players, which will reward players one of the many possible items that include the following:


  • It functions similar to that of the Otherworld Present and the Red Bean.
  • Many players advised others to simply sell the Gift Fruit in exchange for 700,000 gold, rather than opening it and getting a 'trash reward' from the Gift Fruit on most occasions.
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