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The Giant Toad is one of the many inhabitants that can be found on the island of Matumada, more specifically in a cavelike den under the north-western cliff of the Upper Island portion of Matumada. The NPC is noted to be the task-giver that players can participate in as they venture throughout Matumada.


Just like Slayer, the Giant Toad will provide two types of tasks: collecting tasks and hunting tasks. Collecting tasks are tasks that involve the targeted time being a harvestable or a fish while hunting tasks are tasks that involve the targeted item being a monster drop or a feather. It is assumed that the tasks the Giant Toad hands out is also affected by the difficulties that Slayer have.

For more information regarding Giant Toad's tasks, please read the article: Giant Toad's Tasks.

List of Dialogues


  • "Greetings adventurer... What is it you need?"
    1. I need a new Task!
      • "Hmm...alright... Something to find then?"
      • "Active Task will be replaced...ok?"
      • " things to find then..."
      • "How about...this?"
        • [If the player asks again for a new task because they didn't like the previous one, the following dialogue will occur:]
          • "You just got something to look for...Maybe search a little more before asking for something new..."
    2. I need to Turn In/Check my task.
      1. Check
        • "Ah...let's see..."
        • "Here is what you're looking for-"
        • "(#) things found in total."
      2. Turn In
        1. "Ah yes... that is what I wanted... Give it here..."
    3. Leave

Completing 30 tasks

  • "Oh...30 Tasks you've completed... Perhaps you can find things of even greater rarity... now..."


  • The Giant Toad was introduced in the Spring Update.
  • The Giant Toad is a bigger and friendlier version of the Toads encountered in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.