Giant Ratboy (also referred to as The Ratboy by some NPCs) is a huge rat humanoid-like figure that can be seen lying down on the ground of Topple Hill. The Giant Ratboy is said to be an extremely powerful entity who's mere thoughts are manipulating the Frontier, it is also said that if he awakes from his deep slumber there could be severe consequences for the frontier and as such a group of Ratfolk can be seen guarding the Ratboy. Upon interacting with the NPC, the players will be taken to The Nightmare, a dangerous 'realm' housing unfamiliar things foreign to the Frontier's world.

The NPC can be interacted with by any point on the head, it is even possible for the Ratboy to speak via interaction with his ears. From there, they will be teleported to Ratboy's nightmare.

List of Dialogues

  • "No. . . just a bit longer . . ."
  • "Please . . . . ."
  • "You . . . Please . . ."
  • "This. . ."
  • "Why. . .?"
  • "Special. . . special . . ."
  • "Here. . . . . ."
  • ". . . Step.. . in. . . . . . ."


  • Giant Ratboy is essentially a bigger version of Ratboy.
  • Similar to Topple Town, both of these things had tales claiming they had fallen from the skies.
  • Giant Ratboy could be seen in one of the teasers before the initial release of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
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