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  • Alias: Ghost Ant, Antland's Ant, Antland Ant, Ghost of Antland, Yellow Ant

The Ghost Ant is similar in appearance to that of the Ants, except that it has a pale yellow color. It also has a larger variant of itself, being dubbed as the Large Ghost Ant. It makes an appearance on the 10th floor of the Otherworld Tower, The Ghost of Antland, as well as on the 25th floor, The Ghost of Antland's Return and a New King, where they serve as minor obstacles as the players progress through the dungeon. It joins the Antland King in a pack of 3 on the 25th floor.


There are two attacks the Ghost Ant can perform:

  • Lunge - Lunge towards the player's current position and attacks them with its pincers.
  • Pince - Pince the players with its pincers


It is usually suggested to eliminate these mobs as soon as possible as they can be seen as a nuisance to the players as they fight on the 25th floor, as well as on the 10th floor. It is typically advised to have flight and/or jump-boosting equipment with them, in order to dodge their attacks.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It is one of the few mobs with a larger version of itself, the other one being the Red Ogre.
  • Unlike other typical 'normal' ants, it possesses multiple eyes similar to an arachnid, preferably a spider.