George's Spicy Chicken is a consumable that can be found in the Frontier. It can obtained through the interactions with George, a food vendor that can be found at Red Ant Cove in a small cave-like room, or a possible serving served from The Deli's waits.

The vendor, George, can be found trapped in a cage, in one of the underground rooms and tunnels of Red Ant Cove. It is noted that George is also surrounded by his iconic products, the spicy chicken, as he sells nothing else.

In appearance, the George's Spicy Chicken looks like the name implies; a chicken leg covered in spices as seen with its inner red outline. Its white outline is considered to be its rarity and should not be confused with the red highlight effect around the chicken.


  • At the bottom-right corner of the image, there's a red dot which is assumed to be the selected color scheme for the spiciness of the consumable.
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