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Seeds are inventory items that can be bought from Mr. Sims, and planted in select plots of land. There are eight plots of land in total, four in Topple Market and four in the Town of Right and Wrong.

There are three different tiers of seeds. The first is fairly inexpensive, and grows food plants that could previously only be obtained front other sources, for example Beet'zo. These seeds will not take long to grow.

The second is rarer, and does not grow edible plants. It is more expensive and will take considerably longer to grow.

The third and final tier of seeds will grow very rare plants, usually yielding crops that will sell for a total value considerably more than the cost of the seed. The time it takes these to grow varies wildly, but is usually a significant number of hours, even days. 

Types of Seeds

The following seeds are obtainable, some for a varying price:

Name Price Fixed/Variable Price, or Price Range
Giant's Corn Seed - -
Beet'zo Seed -


Nightmare Seed Variable 9,000-15,000
Fantastic Sunflower Seed - -
Noble Blue Flower Seed Fixed -
Divine Grape Seeds Variable


Gift Tree Seeds Fixed 1,200,000