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(Item/NPC Name here bolded) are one of the many tools that can be found in (World Name here). (Item/NPC Name here) are used in the (Activity Name here) activity to (Activity Descriptor here) (Item/NPC Name here).

(Item/NPC Name here) are sold by (Source Name A here) located in (Source Location A here). (1) If a player has questions about anything relating to (Activity Name here), they can interact with (Item/NPC Name here).

When equipped, (Item/NPC Name here) provide (Usage Description here).

Image Name Price Sell Price Description (Activity Stat here)
(Image here) (Item/NPC Name here) (Source A Price here) (Sell Value here) (Item Description here) (Activity Stat A here)


If Else Descriptor(s)

(1) If the activity has a tutorial NPC that helps explain to the player on how an activity works, keep the next sentence in. If not, remove the next sentence.

(2) If the tool is a part of a series of upgrades, leave the table in. If not, remove the table.