Gaddy Greenhorn is one of the many inhabitants of Topple Town. She can be found standing beside the statue located in the middle of the town square.

If the players interact with Gaddy Greenhorn, they will receive three different dialogues that are available in-game. Here are the dialogues:

  • "Magic is so cool! But it costs a lot to learn, it's hard to find a spellbook or wand. I hear you can buy them at the Gnome Magic School though!"
  • "Some armor and clothing sets boost some weapon's power. If you wear wizard robes, it will make your magic more powerful!"
  • "Some monsters out there drop some really unusual stuff. I heard they even drop weapons sometimes!"

Based on the dialogues, it appears that Gaddy Greenhorn had developed a deep interest in armor/clothing sets, as well as magic weapons. It also appears that Gaddy Greenhorn had visited Gnome Magic School at some point.


  • The name 'Gaddy' is classified as an arbitrary name, like most names.
  • The last name 'Greenhorn' could reference the area known as Greenhorn Grove or the definition of 'greenhorn' meaning that a person is inexperienced in a particular activity.
  • Based on the available dialogues, her first sentence ends with a period and her second sentence ends with an exclamation mark.
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