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The Frontier Stargun is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Frontier. It can be purchased by the Strangeman at a price of 15,000,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring the Frontier Stargun include but are not limited to:


In appearance, the Frontier Stargun resembles a sci-fi minigun. Several glowing crystals and stones on different parts of the machine possess colors that happen to be the main colors of the Frontier: red, blue, and yellow.

The Frontier Stargun consumes 2 stamina points per shot. If the player continues to hold their left-click button, it will result in the gun automatically firing bullets at its target. Its sole ammunition is Bullets; any other ammunition will not work with this weapon.

Like all rifle-type weapons, the Frontier Stargun has a "scope" function that can be activated by holding the right mouse button.


  • The Frontier Stargun looks vaguely like an Imperial Star Destroyer from the popular movie franchise, Star Wars. This may be one possible reason the Frontier Stargun is named as such.
  • The Frontier Stargun has among the highest sustained DPS of all weapons in the game, due to its high rate of fire and decent damage.
  • A notable glitch with the Frontier Stargun is that if you hold the left mouse button and press the escape key twice in quick succession, you will begin to automatically fire wherever your cursor is at, even if you aren't doing anything. This is helpful for killing mobs that are easily baited, such as the Kingrat or Teakettle Tony, allowing the player to do anything else they want while this glitch automatically fires for them.