The Frontier Greatsword is currently the most powerful melee-weapon in Fantastic Frontier in terms of base damage and it is also the most expensive. It can either be purchased from the Strangeman when you find his orb portal around the map or received when you trade in 150 fireflies to Stick.

In appearance, The Frontier Greatsword's blade glows with a strong flame along the center, and some smoke and particles also spread along the surface of the blade. In terms of size, it is also extremely large in terms of length and width.

The Frontier Greatsword has a special attack called Eternity Beam where the caster fires six high damaging beams. You can not aim while using it but you can move slowly from side to side. The beams are red, white, and blue all together.


  • The Frontier Greatsword has the highest base damage of all weapons in fantastic frontier as of the 1.10 Update, also known as the Fishing Update.
  • With the maximum possible melee damage bonus, the player can do 901 damage per basic swing.
    • However, as this requires the Yaaxil Crest, and the Scorched Soul's Ring, it is not recommended to run this setup.
  • The player can switch out the Frontier Greatsword with another weapon or tool during the Eternity Beam. As this doesn't affect the damage or glitch up the attack in any way, it is purely an aesthetic glitch.
  • The Eternity Beam seems to gain 20% of the melee bonuses and 33% of the magic bonuses and does not use ranged bonuses. This applies to each of the six beams.
  • The total damage of Eternity Beam without any bonuses seems to be around 1400, with every individual beam being 1/6 of that.



Player using Eternity Beam

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