Fronand Frobeet'zo is a vendor that can be found in the garrison of Farm Fortress. He runs the business known as the Frobeet'zo Selects, selling a variety of consumables that include but are not limited to:

Carrot Juice
Giant's Corn

In appearance, Fronand Frobeet'zo possesses a large leather hat with a glass container seen at the center of the hat, containing consumables that can be acquired from the vendor. His attire comprises of leather boots, a green T-shirt, a white collar, and a blue apron with a line of white stripe and three brown buttons dotted under it.

List of Dialogues


  • "Welcome to Farm Fortress, little hat! If you've got a hankering for food, I've got you covered."


  1. "I want to shop."
    • "My hat can whip you anything!"
  2. "What's with your big hat?"
    • "Well! A big hat can't give away his secret so easily, little hat. Let's just say, if it's food you want, my hat can handle it."
  3. "Do you run this place?"
    • "Sure do little hat. Farmers will vote for their food to see who runs the fortress. Turns out I had the most food."
  4. "I don't think the farmers like being called little hat."
    • "Well, I'm glad that doesn't include you, little hat. As for them, get a bigger hat! That's what I say, Heh, little hats."


  • The last name 'Frobeet'zo' has the name of a consumable referred as the Beet'zo.
  • Fronand Frobeet'zo has a tendency to call others 'little hat'.
  • Most of the farmers in Farm Fortress hates Fronand Frobeet'zo for personal and/or economic-based reasons.
  • Wearing a hat equivalent to the size of his hat does not trigger any unique dialogues. In other words, the players will still be called 'little hat'.
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