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Blue Frog

The Frog Quest is a quest that players can do while they are in the Frontier. It is perhaps one of the easiest quests that players can begin with, however, the rarity of the required item, the Grateful Frog, is considered to be difficult to find.

The quest does not require any sorts of combat skills and is purely based on the concept of searching for 5 Grateful Frogs that are found hanging throughout the Frontier at different points in time. In other words, only one frog can be found in the Frontier before another one respawns in a different location.

Quest Giver

Blue Frog in the Red Ogre Inn.

To start the quest, the player must find the Blue Frog in the Red Ogre Inn, located at Topple Town. From there, the players should walk to the third floor and take a right turn where they will be able to see the Blue Frog hanging underneath the ceiling of the Red Ogre Inn.

Once the player interacts with the NPC, the Blue Frog will then hand out the quest asking to bring 5 Grateful Frogs back to the Blue Frog in exchange for a rare collectible found in the Itempedia. As of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, this excludes any monster drops as a possible reward from the quest.

Known Locations

The known locations of the Grateful Frog can be found in the Grateful Frog's article. Please click or press the word 'link' to be taken to the list of known locations.

Known Rewards

These are the known possible rewards that have been confirmed by the community of Fantastic Frontier after completing the Frog Quest.

  • Note: Please comment on this article if there is a reward that you have received that is not listed below.
Glowbird Feather.png
Keemal Feather.png
Centennial Catfish.png
King of the Sea.png
Serpent of the Deep.png
The Immortal Crustacean.png
Rising Star Mushroom.png


  • The Frog Quest is classified as a repeatable quest, meaning that players can do the quest over and over again.
  • During the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, the only noticeable change of the Frog Quest is that a player can get an Emperor Whale as a possible reward.
  • The Frog Quest is arguably one of the 'disappointing' quests as a lot of players in the community claim that the quest typically rewards you with collectibles that are less than 500,000 gold. On the other hand, other players claim it is an efficient way to acquire collectibles in the Itempedia that are deemed 'difficult' to obtain in the Frontier.