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Blue Frog

The Frog Quest is a quest that can be initiated in the Frontier. The quest requires the player to find and interact with the Blue Frog who can be found at Topple Town to start the quest.


Quest Progress

Frog Quest Collect 5 Grateful Frogs.

Frog Quest

Blue Frog in the Red Ogre Inn.

The Blue Frog will task the player with collecting 5 Grateful Frogs. The Grateful Frog is a harvestable that can be found throughout the Frontier. Once the player has collected 5 Grateful Frogs, they can interact with the Blue Frog to be rewarded with one of many rare collectables.

  • This quest can be repeated.

Known Locations

The known locations of the Grateful Frog can be found in the Grateful Frog's article.

Known Rewards

Glowbird Feather.png
Keemal Feather.png
Centennial Catfish.png
King of the Sea.png
Serpent of the Deep.png
The Immortal Crustacean.png
Rising Star Mushroom.png