The Frogs are a group of frog humanoid-like figures that can be found in The Nightmare, more specifically in one of the rooms of The Mansion that can only be accessed after entering the cyan door in The Supermarket.

In order to find these NPCs, the players must've already pressed the cyan button, found under an office cabinet's crate in one of the rooms located in The Back Area. From there, they can enter the cyan door that can be found in The Supermarket, in an area where couches and sofas are showcased at; near the center of The Supermarket. After entering the cyan door, the players will encounter a large pile of Rat Tokens on the table that they are able to collect, as well as 4 other frogs playing a card game with each other.

List of Dialogues

All Frogs have dialogues, however, each frog has their own unique dialogues as they interact with the players. Here is the list of dialogues from the different frogs found in The Nightmare:


  • "He's almost certainly got me beat, but I think if I stall long enough, I might be able to intimidate him."
  • "I know these tokens are worthless, but I still really want to win."


  • "Some folks don't like the randomness, but I think it makes it more exciting."
  • "We're only playing for rat tokens if you want to get it on next game."


  • "This blue frog is quite the player."
  • "I was the first one out - good thing it's just rat tokens."
  • "You can never tell who's really ahead till the end with these guys..."

Blue (GAME)

  • "The frog appears extremely concentrated."


  • The Frogs looks nearly identical to the Blue Frog and the Grateful Frogs.
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