Frigid Waste (PvP), shortened down as Frigid Waste, is a massive zone that can be found in the Frontier. The lands are described to be a barren wasteland covered in snow with a few dead trees and shrubs found in different spots. It is the only location found in the Frontier that borders only one location, known as The Forgotten Lands.

Frigid Waste (PvP) is the only zone of the Frontier where PvP is enabled, meaning that players can fight each other. This particular map area is extremely dangerous to beginner players as they will need to be very cautious about their surroundings, looking out for both players' attacks and mobs' presences.

There are five major landmarks that can be found in specific spots of Frigid Waste (PvP):

  1. Forgotten Lake serves as a body of water that can be found between the borders of Frigid Waste (PvP) and The Forgotten Lands, closest to the coastlines of The Long Coast. Players can visit this area to fish and reel in fishes.
  2. Frigid Coastline serves as a body of water that can be found enclosed by the borders on the coastlines next to the cliff edges of Frigid Waste. Players can visit this area to fish and reel in fishes from puddles or the oceanic waters.
  3. Ore Cliffs are 'special' spots for miners where they can mine ores, such as Onyx, Gold, and Titanium. They are often found off the cliff's edges, either being found along the coastlines or under the edge of Frigid Waste.
  4. Snowy Arches is a noteworthy landmark of this particular map area, serving as a nice 'decoration' of a barren snow-covered wasteland. Moon Flowers are noted to be found here, as well as the Grateful Frog and/or Rising Star Mushroom on rare occasions.
  5. Wooden Spike Border serves as the physical border of both The Forgotten Lands and Frigid Waste (PvP). This is a way to prevent mobs of Frigid Waste (PvP) to enter The Forgotten Lands, although there are noticeable openings where mobs can cross the borders. The border also serves as an 'unclaimed territory' where players alike will fight against each other in the barren wasteland, possibly with the intent to dominate and conquer the wasteland.


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