The Frail Wooden Sword is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Frontier. It is mostly known as the default weapon given to players beginning their adventures in Fantastic Frontier for the first time. If the player did not receive the weapon upon launching the game, they may travel to Petrified Grassland and find the Archaeologist, selling it at a price of 8 gold.


Not much can be said about its appearance, besides the fact that it is constructed out of wooden planks, scraps, and nails that holds the weapon together.


The Frail Wooden Sword is practically useless and extremely weak, as it barely does any damage towards any enemies. Prior to the Otherworld Update, the weapon was at least, somewhat effective when killing Spore Moles and Dull Frogs that once populated the starter zones (Topple Hill, Greenhorn Grove, etc.) However, since the arrival of the Otherworld Update, it proves to be unreliable as many mobs can overwhelm the player and eliminate them quickly.

If the player no longer has a usage for it, they may sell it to a selling vendor at a sell price of 5 gold.


  • It behaves very similar to a scimitar.


  • During the initial release of the Otherworld Update, the Frail Wooden Sword's sell price was changed to 3,000 gold. This quickly became exploitable, as many players could stock up Frail Wooden Swords and sell them rapidly as the price was 5 gold and the sell price was 3,000 gold. This was later patched, and the sell price reverts back to its original state.
  • The weapon is often joked about within the community as being the most 'overpowered', 'superior', and 'underrated' weapon.
  • Prior to the Otherworld Update, its former price was 5 gold.
  • Since the Balance Update [V1.31], the Frail Wooden Sword's base damage was increased from 10 to 12 points.
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