The Flora Shorts is a clothing garment that can be acquired and worn by adventurers of the Frontier. The Flora Top can only be obtained from the Clothing Seller in Topple Town, sold at a price of 8,000 gold.


Not much can be said about its appearance, besides the fact that it is simply a pair of red shorts with burgundy rims wrapping around the lower sides of the shorts.


Like all accessories, the Flora Shorts is typically worn and equipped in vanity slots to 'enhance' the adventurer's looks in Fantastic Frontier. Other than that, it is not needed by any task-givers. Adventurers may also sell the Flora Shorts to a selling vendor at a sell price of 800 gold.



  • The Flora Shorts and the Aqua Shorts are simply reskins of one another, with the only main difference being its color palette.


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