Fishing is one of the many methods of obtaining a certain amount of gold, as well as being used to complete the Fishes section of the Itempedia. The fishing rods are a type of tool that will grant the player bonuses for catching their fishes at a faster speed than normal fishing rods. The higher-tiered a fishing rod is, the faster it is to catch fishes, allowing them to obtain and reel in fishes at a quicker pace.

Image Item Price Bonus Source(s) Description
Basic Fishing Rod.png
Basic Fishing Rod 500  None
"A standard fishing rod."
Advanced Rod.png
Advanced Fishing Rod 100,000  25% faster catch
"An advanced fishing rod."
Expert's Rod.png
Expert's Fishing Rod 1,000,000  60% faster catch
Martin the Carp
"An expert level fishing rod."
Master's Rod.png
Master's Fishing Rod 5,000,000  140% faster catch
Martin the Carp
"A golden master class fishing rod."
Captain's Fishing Rod.png
Captain's Fishing Rod 10,000,000 250% faster catch
Deep Sea Treasure Chest
Martin the Carp
"A golden master class fishing rod."
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